Short and Heavy | Week 2

No, the title isn’t a reference to a person, it’s how I’m choosing to describe the second week of classes (so you can relax). The good news is that we had Monday off, which meant a three day weekend and then only a four day week, which was actually really nice. The bad news is that the week was incredibly dense, and unbelievably full of things to do. I’ve rarely felt as overwhelmed by schoolwork/labwork/other than I do now, and I’ve definitely never felt this pressure so early on in the semester. It’s just incredible how every semester, a new standard gets set for how hard I need to push myself to stay on top of everything. My to-do list a revolving door reminiscent of the hydra– every task slain spawns three more in its place. Unfortunately, I’m no demigod, and my name is actually pretty far from “Hercules” anyway, so I’m not really sure what to do.

I’m hopeful that this is a “blip”– an odd burst of hyperactivity which won’t characterize the semester. But looking at the nature of these responsibilities, the possibility of this past week being an anomaly is rapidly diminishing. I’m just thankful that I have my family to talk to, that I have Adrienne to lean on, and that I have my music to listen to. But I really don’t know how I’m going to do this semester in a general emotional/mental health sense. Looking at the remaining two semesters in my course plan, this is as hard as it gets, and seeing a light, however faint, at the end of the tunnel is motivation enough at times. But sometimes the light gets suffocated by a mountain of assignments and responsibilities. Without straying too far into a metaphorical cesspool (okay sorry, last one, I promise), it just feels like almost everyone (including, and especially, myself) expects so much out of me. And so far in life I’ve risen to the challenge, and I’ve met or exceeded those expectations. But this year I might not, and it’s an odd thought to have lingering in my mind.


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