Growing Pains | Week 11

I really should stop coming up with abstract, pseudo-artistic titles, but it’s harder than it seems. Anyway, time for a slew of updates:

  • Re-injured my knee, and I think it might be a more serious cartilage-related issue, which is worrying. Barring some sort of massive improvement I may very well skip the half-marathon this weekend, which is likely the right decision, but it’s still a disappointing outcome.
  • I officially changed my major to the BS in computational neuroscience! It’s a very exciting but intimidating switch, and next semester my classes reflect that change. I’ll be taking
    • Systems Neuroscience
    • Calculus II
    • Introduction to MATLAB
    • Physics for the Life Sciences
    • Random General Education Elective (taking Pass/Fail)– I should really figure out what the course is actually called…
  • I’m meeting with Biederman tomorrow to discuss the potential of working in his lab, expect updates next week!
  • I’m trying to find things to occupy my time next semester since Arad won’t be here, and it’s difficult because I feel like I already invested a lot in cross country and got very little return on that investment, so I’m hesitant to try again with a different student organization
  • I’m very close to finding housing for next semester, so expect updates about that as well.

In general things have been kind of strange lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about what next semester will look like for me socially, and it’s a difficult situation to anticipate and prepare for. For the time being, I’m just going to keep focusing on my schoolwork and powering through these last few weeks of classes.

Bye, blog!


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