Protected: I Think I’ve Finally Put my Finger on it.

Beautifully written. I’m beyond proud to call this guy my brother.


This is a post that is not very religion-friendly; if that bothers you, nobody is forcing you to read this, and I promise I won’t be offended if you close the browser now.

I’ve never been a religious guy. I was born without any sort of faith in a divine power, and so it’s actually quite easy to see why I am not religious to this day. To somebody born into a world of logic, reason, and faith in the scientific process, the idea of a divine being that has existed before existence existed seems a little far-fetched.

In the past few years or so, I regret to say that the huge religious population in this town and country have upset me quite a bit. I’ve gotten over the little things: being told I’ll burn in hell in kindergarten, having to watch ignorance and bigotry as a result of misunderstood religious scripture, or…

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